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 Dark Bren's Deck

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PostSubject: Dark Bren's Deck   Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:21 pm

When Bren goes dark this is his deck.

Duel Spirit (not a dueling duel spirit but a themed leader so to speak): Dark Ruler Ha Des EM, 1

Ryu Kokki EM, 1

Malice Doll of Demise, EM 2

Soul Exchange, S, 1

Sakuretsu Armor, T, 1

Mask of Dispel, S, 1

Gaint Orc, EM 1

Old Vindictive Magician, EM 1

Dark Necrofear, EM 1

Mechanical Chaser, M, 1

Michizure, T, 1

Nightmare Steelcage, S, 1

Needle Wall, T, 2

Newdoria, EM 2

Black Pendant, S, 3

The shallow Grave, S 1

Grave Protector, EM 1

Double Summon, S 2

Brain Jacker, EM 1

Summoned Skull, M 1

Brain Crusher, EM 1

Vanity Fiend, EM 1

Shadow Spell, T, 2

Rgenerating Mummy, EM 1

Dark Jeroid, EM 1

Call of the Haunted, T 1

Nightmare Wheel, T 1

Ectoplasmer, S, 1

Dark Spirit of the Silent, T 1

Opticlops, M 1

Archfiend Soldier, M 1

Lightning Punisher, EM 1

Wall of Illusion, EM 1

Tribute to the doomed, S 1

Mystic Plasma Zone, S, 1

Gravekeeper's servant, S 1

Peten The dark clown, EM 3

Forced Back, T 1

Hate Buster, T 1

Mask of the Accursed, S, 1

Gorz Emmisarry of Darkness, EM 1

Despair from the Dark, EM 1

Axe of Despair, S, 1

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Dark Bren's Deck
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