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 Cyber Ap's Deck

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Cyber Ap Dragon


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PostSubject: Cyber Ap's Deck   Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:43 pm


Monster: 23
lv10 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms-atk4000 def 4000---Tribute 3 cards to summon and everytime opponent summons monster
special summon Phantasm Token-Atk & Def 1000
lv10 Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord-atk? def0---Summon by put all monster from grave to deck & get 1000atk for each monster in grave
lv8 Tyrant Dragon-atk2900 def2500---After this attacks and there is still another monster it may attack again
lv7 Red Eyes Black Dragon Atk-2400 Def-2000
lv6 Strong Wind Dragon-atk2400 def1000---Takes damage even if in defense mode
lv5 Cyber Dragon-atk2100 def1600---Opponent has a monster and i dont i can special some from hand
lv4 Gearfried the Iron Knight-atk1800 def1600
lv4 Alien Warrior-atk1800 def1000
lv4 Chiron the Mage-atk1800 def1000
lv4 Destiny Hero Defender-atk100 def2700
lv4 Elemental Hero Stratos-atk1800 def300---Destroy 1 trap/spell or Add a destiny,elemental, or evil hero from deck to hand
lv4 Evocator Chevalier-atk1900 def900
lv1 Flamvell Guard-atk100 def2000
lv4 Gene-Warped Warwolf-atk200 def100
lv4 Luster Dragon-atk1900 def1600
lv4 Sabersaurus-atk1900 def500
lv4 Soldier of Stone-atk1300 def2000

lv4 Beta Magnet Warrior Atk-1700 Def-1600
lv4 Alpha Magnet Warrior Atk-1400 Def-1700
lv4 Gamma Magnet Warrior Atk-1500 Def-1800
lv8 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior Atk-3500 Def-3850

lv4 X-Head Cannon-atk1800 def1500
Spirit: lv2 Decoy Dragon atk-300 def-200---when attacked summon a level 7 or higher dragon monster

Spell: 11
Emergency Provision---send any number of spell/trap cards to the grave and add 1000 for each
Creature Swap---choose 2 monsters to switch sides (last for whole duel)
Twister---pay 500LP and destroy1 spell or trap
Giant Trunade---return all trap/spell cards to their owners hand
Swords of Revealing Light---opponents cant attack for 3 turns
Axe of Despair--gives 1000 atk to a monster
Black Pendant---gives 500 atk to a monster & inflict 500LP if destroyed
Horn of light---gives 800 def to a monster
Spell Binding Circle---Selected monster cant attack or change position
Foolish burial---send one card from your deck to grave
Double Summon---lets me summon 1 extra monster this turn (continuous)

Trap: 6
Dust Tornado---Destroy 1 spell/trap
Scrap-Iron Scarecrow---Negate your opponents attack (stays on field to destroyed)
WideSpread Ruin---When your opponent attacks you, Destroy their hightest atk monster
Miniaturize---Choose a monster and it looses 1000 atk and 1 level
Half or Nothing---Activate in opponents battle phase, halve atk of all monster or end phase (opponent chooses)
Call of the Haunted---summon a monster from the grave
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Cyber Ap's Deck
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