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 Another review from Advertise Hotspot - by Cafetin

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PostSubject: Another review from Advertise Hotspot - by Cafetin   Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:37 am

My rating table:
91-100 - Unexpectedly Awesome
76-90 - Awesome
61-75 - Pretty Nice
41-60 - Average
21-40 - Below Average
0-20 - Fail

- Theme: Some changes here I see. And here comes my first advice... Never ever use a JPEG image as a background. Use a PNG format. It`s much better for quality. And for a background, which is usually bigger than 1024x768, it`s more than recommended. And just to be objective I will show you the difference right here. The first picture is in PNG format. The other is a JPEG format one.

Notice the difference on the gradient? Where is turns to black? That`s it. It reduced your points here. (5/10)
- Banner: Now that is a quality picture. It was a wise decision to change the previous one. It`s much better now. The font is still the same but that is not a problem. (7/10) from me.
- Navigation Bar: Still the same. Pretty nice. (7/10)
- Icons: Another bad move. Now it`s from three picture but those are very low quality. Find some better ones. (6/10)
So the overall is 25/40. I believe you got some work to do here.

Categories & Forums:
I still think it`s alright. Just don`t add any more. That would be a little bit too much. And I noticed you added some new "smileys". The card ones. Very, very good idea. It makes easier to follow a duel with those cards. Just make sure your members use it as it is meant to be used. So I can say only good things here. Smile (18/20).

Still the same, still awesome in my opinion. Maybe you can make an experience and level counter for your users. They could earn experience if they win a fight or successfully taken a test. I think your members would like that a lot. And if you can and want to make it, make it so the members can see it in their profile. Anyway, it`s just a suggestion. (18/20)

Nice increase, I must say. Last time I saw, there were 29 members. Now there are 38 of them. And if I guess right, at least three of them will be a really active member (I based this on the posts they made so far). So just keep it up. The amount of members connected during the last 24 hour is not showing a big difference, but I think it will in the near future (there were 13 names when I made this review). And lastly, a nice increase in the number of posts. A +1000 since the last time. Very nice. Keep building that number up and members will flow in even faster. (17/20)

Since we discussed this in the portal the other day, I wont give or reduce any points on this. So... The background image you used is tiled up on my widescreen monitor (1440x900 resolution). Since I`m almost sure about a method that you can use to make it "autostrech", I suggest you find that way somehow. That`s all for now here.

And so the average 78/100. You falled into the awesome category this time. And as always, I wish you more members.
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Jesse Anderson

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PostSubject: Re: Another review from Advertise Hotspot - by Cafetin   Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:16 pm

Thank you. You are awesome. We still passed.
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PostSubject: Re: Another review from Advertise Hotspot - by Cafetin   Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:15 pm

yeah, different reviewer so different opinion... but im glad we passed

no more reviews for a while. the review section is offline right now
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PostSubject: Re: Another review from Advertise Hotspot - by Cafetin   Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:05 pm

yes, due to overwhelming requests and lack of Reviewers.
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PostSubject: Re: Another review from Advertise Hotspot - by Cafetin   

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Another review from Advertise Hotspot - by Cafetin
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