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 Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 6

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PostSubject: Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 6   Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:23 pm

Johnnys Pokemon Adventures
Chapter 6 - The annoying Bug Catcher

The last chapters main Pokemon was Pidgey.

Music Box: (Viridian Forest Music).......................

Johnny: I`ll get out of this forest quickly.

Johnny walked around in the forest and kept going in circles....

Johnny: Hmmm I`ll take the right path now. I don`t know why kept taking the left.

Johnny got far into the forest and found that his path was blocked by a Bug Catcher.

Johnny: Hey you!

Bug Catcher: What?

Johnny: GET THE (censored) OUT OF MY WAY!

Bug Catcher: Only if you catch me a Butterfree.

Johnny: No way!

Bug Catcher: Then I won`t get out of your way.

Johnny: Alright fine.

Johnny ran around in the tall grass looking for wild Pokemon.

Johnny: Now where is a Butterfree?

A wild Caterpie apeared.

Johnny: Go Rattata! Use Thunder Fang.

Caterpie fainted.......

A wild Caterpie apeared.

Johnny: Wth. Go Rattata! Use Thunder Fang!

Caterpie dodged and used Bug Bite.

Rattata fainted.......

Johnny: ...........

Caterpie: Caaaaterrr! (Hahahaha)

Johnny: Go Pidgeotto! Use Wing Attack!

Caterpie fainted.......

Johnny: Go Pokeball!

Caterpie escaped the Pokeball and ran away....

A wild Caterpie apeared.

Johnny: .............. Go Bulbasaur! Use Headbutt.

Caterpie fainted.....

A wild Caterpie apeared....

Johnny: Go Pidgeotto! Use Wing Attack!

Caterpie fainted.....

100 Caterpies later.......


A wild Mew apeared.


The Mew fled.

Johnny: DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble

James: Make it double.

Johnny: SHUTUP!

Meowth: Hey we wanted to finish our moddo!

Jessie: Ekans go!

James: Go Koffing!

Meowth: I`m up for battle!

Johnny: Go Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle! Pidgeotto use Sky Attack on Meowth! Bulbasaur use Headbutt on Koffing! Squirtle use Water Gun on Ekans.

Ekans fainted.... Koffing fainted....

Meowth: All of you face my Fury Swipes!

Pidgeotto fainted.. Squirtle fainted.....

Johnny: Bulbasaur use Vine Whip to throw it against that giant rock!

Meowth fainted....

Johnny: Now rap your Vine Whip around Team Rocket and throw them into the sky!

TR: Team Rocket`s blasting off again!!!!!!!!!!

Bug Catcher: So do you have my Butterfree yet?

Johnny: No. Now let me pass!

Bug Catcher: You have to catch me a Butterfree.

Johnny searched for a Butterfree again.

Johnny: I can`t believe this!

A wild Caterpie apeared.

Johnny: Go Bulbasaur. Use Razor Leaf.

Caterpie fainted.....

Johnny: I`ll never find a Butterfree.

A wild Butterfree apeared.

Johnny: ....................................... Go Bulbasaur. Use Razor Leaf!

Butterfree used Sleep Powder.

It failed....

Johnny: Finish it off with Headbutt!

Butterfree fainted....

Johnny: Go Pokeball!

Johnny caught a Butterfree!

Johnny: FINALLY!

Johnny walked up to the Bug Catcher.

Bug Catcher: So you got a Butterfree?

Johnny: Yup.

Bug Catcher: Then give it too me.

Johnny: Wait a minute. I just spent hours looking for a Butterfree that I can`t even have? GO GET YOUR OWN!

Bug Catcher: Then you can`t pass.

Johnny: Go Butterfree! Use Sleep Powder.

The Bug Catcher fell alseep and Johnny was able to pass.

Johnny: Finally!

Johnny saw the forest exit up ahead. He ran too it and fell in a hole...

Chapter End....

Whats this chapters main Pokemon?.
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PostSubject: Re: Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 6   Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:06 am

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Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 6
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