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 Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 5

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PostSubject: Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 5   Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:22 pm

Johnnys Pokemon Adventures
Chapter 5 - Pidgeys hard time

The last chapters main Pokemon was Meowth.

Music Box: (Pokemon battle theme)........................

Johnny woke up and found a note next to him.

Johnny: Hmm its from Tyrice.

Note: Johnny, everyone was so thankful last night that you saved their Pokemon. They even gave you a Bulbasaur! Well I`m going to Pewter city now so by. Just so you know this message is from Tyrice.

Johnny looked next to the note and saw a Pokeball.

Johnny: Yay I got a Bulbasaur! I should go challenge some Gym Leaders now.

Johnny went up to the Viridian City Gym.

Lady: Sorry this Gym is closed.

Johnny: Dammit now I have to go all the way to Pewter City to get my first Gym Badge.

Johnny left to Route 2. Then he spotted a trainer.

Johnny: Hey wanna battle.

???: Sure I`m Jack and i`ll kick your @$$

Johnny: Not gonna happen. Go Pidgey!

Jack: Staravia I choose you! Use Brave Bird!

Pidgey: (Omg I don`t wanna lose but I know I will this thing is at its second stage of evolution and I`m at my first.

Johnny: Pidgey use Wing Attack!

Jack: Staravia use Aerial Ace!


Pidgey was starting to get very tired

Johnny: Pidgey you still ok to battle?

Pidgey nodded its head yes.

Johnny: Alright then use Peck!

Jack: Staravia use Brave Bird!

Pidgey started crying...


Johnny: Pidgey you shouldn`t battle anymore.

Pidgey really wanted to fight. It used Wing Attack!

Jack: Finish it off with Thunderhawk!

Johnny: PIDGEY NO!!!!!!!!!

Pidgey fainted and was in major pain. Johnny grabbed Pidgey and rushed to the Viridian City Pokemon Center.

5 hours later.

Nurse Joy: Your Pidgeys gonna be just fine!

Johnny: Oh good.

Johnny went back and Pidgey wanted to challenge that Staravia again. It challenged it over and over again and still kept on losing. Pidgey cried with pain and anger. Soon it decided to battle other Pokemon and get stronger. One battle really proved it was getting stronger.

Johnny: Pidgey I choose you!

Oniel: Go Jolteon! Use Thundershock!

Johnny: Pidgey use Sky Attack!

Oniel: Thundershock again!

Johnny: Use Gust!

Jolteon fainted....

Oniel: Crap I lost.

Then Pidgey started glowing.

Johnny: What?! Pidgey is evolving!

Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto!

Pidgeotto: Pidgeotto! (I`m ready)

Johnny went back to Jack.

Jack: After 10 loses your gonna challenge me again. Ha! My Staravia is even stronger now from beating your stupid Pidgey 10 times.

Johnny: This time you`ll have a challenge! Go Pidgeotto!


Jack: Ha your still gonna lose! Go Staravia! Use Brave Bird!

Johnny: Dodge and use Sky Attack!

Jack: Staravia use Thunderhawk!

Johnny: Pidgeotto use Thunderhawk!

Jack: Staravia use Wing Attack!

Johnny: Pidgeotto use Thunderhawk again!

Staravia fainted....

Jack: NO! I LOST! NO!!!!!

Johnny: Haha.

Johnny continued on his journey and entered the Viridian Forest.

Johnny: Woah this place is creepy....

Chapter End....

Whats this chapters main Pokemon?
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PostSubject: Re: Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 5   Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:08 am

pidgey?? =/
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Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 5
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